Sunday, 16 October 2011


Since the early 1990's the Juvenile Justice Laws in the US has increasingly become more and nore harsh, retributive and irresponsible. It progressively became more common for Juveniles to suffer incarceration as punishment and far more easier for juveniles to be transferred to the Adult Criminal Justice System, where they will be held to an Adult Intellectual Standard, recieve adult penalties and be incarcerated in adult prisons.
Avocates for Abandoned Adolescents (A.A.A.) is a non-profit organisation thats against trying/sentencing/incarcerating children in the Adult Criminal Justice System. One of our main priorities is to generate awareness, we are currently in the process of realising the success of our Truth about Youth Campaign and we created our Mothers Against Juvenile Injustices Commision ,M.A.J.IC. to assist us in that endeavour and to give the mothers of America's Incarcerated children a platform to tell their stories, to be a voice to advocate for Juvenile Justice reform and to unite against irresponsible Juvenile Justice Laws.
Since there are over one hundred thousand children under age 18 being held in Juvenile and Adult Correctional Facilities in the US on any given day there are also over one hundred thousand mothers on any given day suffering from the pain of being seperated from their children.
M.A.J.I.C is dedicated to giving those mothers a home, a platform, a voice and to introduce them to ways in which they can contribute to the enactment of responsible Juvenile Justice reform. Throughout the course of history women have played vital roles in progressively reforming society, alot of roles in which today can be embraced, effective and succesfull through a powerful form of M.A.J.I.C.
With M.A.J.I.C we will generate the success of our Truth about Youth Campaign of which invites the over one hundred thousand mothers to tell the stories of their incarcerated child, empower others to give an account of their experiences and enlightening others with the perspective and reccomendations for change, all of which will be used to communicate to policy makers and to tell the public the truth about what happens to our youth when they are incarcerated.
With M.A.J.I.C  we will bring National Awareness to the irresponsible Juvenile Justice Laws and policies, for most people across the Country are simply unaware of the irresponsible nature of each States  approach to Juvenile Justice.
With M.A.J.I.C we will bring some much needed relief to and focus on every child in Adult Prisons across the Country by supporting Incarceration Intervention Programs.
With M.A.J.I.C we will introduce and support the passage of legislation that responsibly adjudicates Juveniles.
With M.A.J.I.C. the hieghts of our success is limitless, through M.A.J.I.C. we will tap into the power that exists within our unity to lead our Country away from harsh and ineffective approaches to Juvenile Justice, to a day where rehabilitaion, education and treatment are the primary objectives.
A.A.A. 's M.A.J.I.C is in dire need of your help and support, we ask that you got to the website, sign up to become a valued member of our Majical Organisation today.

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